The Workshop

EFT continues to have the best outcomes and research support of any couples therapy. Over the course of four days you will gain understanding of the basic tenets, processes, and interventions of EFT. You will be given a map to lead your couples out of negative cycles into bonding and connection. It’s not unusual for therapists to report the externship as a groundbreaking change to the way they see relationships and the couples they treat.

Learn about the “tango,” which is how we process emotion and make sense of it. Discover new ways to help your clients past their blocks and stuck places. You will see examples of EFT with couples, individuals, and families.

The externship combines various learning approaches: Lectures to gain a basic understanding of EFT. Experiential exercises to help bring the material alive and ground you in it. Video of sessions to strengthen awareness of the model. Whenever possible, one of the trainers conducts a live session with a couple. If we meet online videos of live sessions will be shown instead.

The live session is a wonderful way to watch EFT in action. It brings in a couple who is in therapy with one of the externship participants, to work with one of the workshop presenters. The couple’s current therapist does a very short presentation of the couple to the group, about 10 to 15 minutes. Then the trainer works with the couple in a standard session in a closed room, with the session broadcast to the participants in the main room. Afterwards, the group prepares positive feedback for the couple, which is provided to them in the therapy room. Finally the group has a chance to ask questions, raise issues, and discuss the session with the trainer.

For the live session we look for couples who can maintain enough safety that the trainer is able to demonstrate EFT while working with them. If you are working with a couple who would be good subjects, the trainers will help prepare and guide you through the presentation. Many people report the live session as the most engaging experience in the externship.