Seattle Center for EFT

Join us for an official externship in EFT endorsed by Sue Johnson, Ed.D., and the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. The externship is the first training requirement towards certification in EFT.

We’re pleased to announce that the Seattle externship will be held online. It will provide the safety we all seek while enjoying a fantastic learning opportunity. The live section dates are in November. However, part of the externship is watching a recorded session with Sue Johnson. You will be able to watch that at any times you choose, and you need to complete it before the live sections. We will send out a link for that session as the externship dates gets closer. Roy Hodgson and James Furrow will teach the live sections on November 20 and 21. We will meet from 9am to 430pm each day. We will also hold orientation meetings ahead of the sections. Dates will be announced in September, and you’ll be able to choose from two dates in late October or early November.

Begin your journey to deeper and more satisfying work with couples.

Through the lens of attachment we will explore how we treat couples, individuals, and families.

You will be given a map to lead your couples out of negative cycles into bonding and connection.

Look Forward to Seeing You!